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Basics to Dentistry. General oral health is very important to the 21st-century man. Dentistry is a branch of medicine that entirely deals with oral health. The care and management of oral health problems fall under this branch of medicine. It also comprises the jaw and facial areas. Oral hygiene defines the kind person someone is. A bad breath is bad especially during first time meetings. To maintain a good image as well as good first impression among your peers and colleague, one should consider visiting a dentist twice a year for that good oral health. There are two broad areas of dentistry. These are preventative and cosmetic dentistry. Preventative dentistry basically deals with the general hygiene and health of the teeth. It assists in preventive measures against disease causing agents. Age does not matter in cases of oral health and hygiene. Disease causing elements are always removed Also, the general motive behind the preventative dentistry is maintaining high dental hygiene that will protect us from diseases like gingivitis, cavities and also bad breath. Some personal measures are also important to adhere to for good oral health. These measures are mostly personal. Brushing our teeth after every meal is one such example. Flouride tooth paste is currently the best in the market. Replacing of one’s toothbrush once after every three months is also an important measure to take. Flossing complements the act of brushing the teeth. This involves the removal of food particles between the teeth using cords of thin filaments called the dental floss. We should also be mindful of our diet. Checkups and consultation with the dentist should be a routine.
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The second category is the cosmetic dentistry. It primarily concentrate on the general appearance of the teeth other than their health. Cosmetic dentistry is mainly characterized by processes that improve the quality of the teeth e.g. teeth whitening. During this procedure, which is also done by professionals, oral problems might also be treated in the process. Teeth implants, teeth whitening and the repairs done to damaged tooth or teeth are the major cosmetic dentistry procedures.
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There are many reasons why people opt to undergo these procedures These reasons have a very solid backup of improved modern technology. Looking good and attractive is the major reason for cosmetic dentistry. This has a consequential effect of boosting one’s self-esteem. Another reason for this is to change to the better how others view you. This is needed especially during the first time encounters. Ultimately, and the hygiene of the oral cavity will also be enhanced as a result. General oral health and hygiene is very important to each one of us. Dental health care is a luxury but what all of us need to ensure. ||