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The Benefits of Lawers

Law needs to be obeyed in every nation. In order for a country to live in peace without a hitch, law has to be in place. Citizens of a country are required to obey the law stipulated by their legislature.Failure to obey the law comes with different penalties depending on the extent of damages caused. In order for a country’s citizens to live in unity, there is need to obey the law. The following are the reasons why law is important in a society.

When criminal activities are done to people, the law is able to defend them.This is one of the basic functions of the rule of law in any country which is to protect its people from evil. This is done by prosecuting the criminals in front of a court. Here, cases are presented before court and listened to so as to help the judges pass a sentence to the criminals.The sentences are different in terms of duration to be spent in jail ranging from a few days to sentence for life.

Community courts are also important for settling clashes among their members.Disputes always arise when many people live together as a family or in a community. Such local matters are resolved in the community level where they are more understood.In some cases, every state will have their own state laws used to punish wrong doers. To avoid problems in the society, people are encouraged to desist from criminal activities.

Law helps to protect the common good of the people. People will always avoid engaging in criminal activities because they fear to spend their life in jail. Nevertheless, people would get involved in crime carelessly when there is no punishment for it. However, people will become more responsible to avoid being on the wrong side of the law. The rule of law will make them feel accountable.

When it comes to the distribution of resources in a society, the law comes in handy.This means that every member of a society is treated equally despite their income, strength or status. The rule of law is very beneficial to the disabled since it gives them a platform to enjoy their rights. Thus, fights for property are eliminated since the resources are distributed equally.

Peace is also maintained when there are laws.This is because it discourages wrongdoings or the desire to revenge when a wrong is done to somebody. People usually maintain peace to avoid getting on the wrong side of the law.Law, therefore, encourages people to do the right things all the time.That is why many communities have moral laws to discourage their people from immoral acts.

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