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Viking Jewelry Today.

Viking jewelry is a category of jewelry that is special and has been designed to have very peculiar patterns. They also depict images of animals, nature, and mythology. The materials that were used to make the ornaments were different depending on the purpose and person wearing them but in silver was the most common. Many of the pendants that the Viking had were related to either faith or magic.

As history puts it, the love the Viking had for their jewelry was great. They were worn by both men and women and were mostly made of metal. They also made and put on jewelry made of beads and precious rocks. One of the most intriguing things about this ornaments is that they used their jewelry both decoration and as currency.Examples of items used both for the decorative purposes and as currency are bracelets and silver armbands.

The various Viking jewelry items include brooches, torcs, pendants, rings, and armbands. The great art and style expressed on the items was impressive.

After the discovery of the Norse Jewelry, it was clear that the Vikings craftsmanship was beyond reproach. Their ornaments were a sign of wealth and social status when worn by either a man or a woman. Those who were poor normally made their ornaments from old animal bones, bronze, and from pewters.

Making of the Viking jewelry involved first melting metal and pouring it into a mould of wax. What followed was the breaking of the wax mold to leave the metal piece which would later be polished to make it shine.

The Vikings were initially making Norse Jewelry that was simple in form, but they later developed their skills to make much more attractive and intricate items. They borrowed jewelry fashions from other countries and customized them to suit them.
At their time it was very easy to get the highly demanded job of a craftsman since they were making these jewelry themselves. Since the Vikings made all their tools, it was important for all the Vikings to possess enough know-how relating to crafting wrought iron and wood.

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