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The Importance of Safety Data Sheets

Hazardous substances are known for not only being a threat to human health when handled incorrectly, but also a risk to the environment. That said, it is still a wonder why there are a lot of people and businesses that continue to manage these substances carelessly. Despite the danger that these substances pose, some individuals still don’t know how to protect the health of their employees, their families, and the environment.

There are several very common errors that are being made when handling these dangerous substances and these would include the use of unlabeled containers, the absence of safety data sheets and the mistake of storing incompatible substances together. While it may be overwhelming for some, but there really are a lot of guidelines when it comes to handling these substances. Though there’s just a lot on the checklist, the aim of all of these guidelines is to safeguard the wellbeing of everyone, including the environment.

While there may be a lot of things to keep in check, when a business or a person in charge is religiously updating these processes, it becomes easier for him to manage the checklist.

An SDS app can be used to make the management of all of these safety measures easier for the person in charge. A safety data sheet (SDS) app can be downloaded on your phone and it will allow anyone who handles these chemicals to keep an inventory of the substances they have. Important information related to the chemicals being stored is also contained in the data sheet. That said, it is very important to keep this sheet updated all the time. In some countries, the government would require the updating of the sheet at least once every five years.

A safety data sheet should be made available to everyone who has access to the chemicals. If not through an app, it should be conspicuously displayed so anyone can refer to it when they handle the chemical. For everyone’s knowledge, it is important to only use containers that are properly labeled in the storage of these substances.

There is a need to secure confined space permits for companies that use these confined areas to carry out their operations. Having these spaces audited and certified will ensure that all workers working in the area are properly protected. These confined spaces should have proper exits and ventilation for the safety of everyone. Suffocation and getting trapped when untoward events will happen are common occurrences in confined areas thus the need to have the working space checked.

Consider these pointers as part of the list to do to protect the safety of everyone who is handling these hazardous substances. When these procedures are in place, productivity is increased and any untoward incidents can be prevented.

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Study: My Understanding of Safety